Well yesterday I bought me some ankle/wrist weights.  I ended up getting the ones from Wal-Mart because that is where I went due to grocery shopping.  They had the Gold’s Gym brand set of 2 (1.5 pounds for each weight) for $12.97.  I went ahead and got two sets so that I could have them on my wrists and my ankles during my workout.

They also had a Gold’s Gym waist trimmer belt for $5.  I thought, hey for $5 I will try this!!  I came home and read reviews on it and was VERY pleased with the reviews I read.  This thing is getting good reviews and people are saying that it really does work!!  The idea is that it makes your waist area sweat to help you loose water weight in that area!  One girl wrote that she lost 1 inch in her waist in 4 days!!!

Today was the first day I tried out my new “toys”.  I can say that the wrist and ankle weights worked real well for exercising with the Wii.  With them strapped to your wrist and ankles they stayed out of the way…you didn’t have to worry about holding them or figuring out how to told them while holding your remote. You just strap tihem on and exercise as normal.  I really felt the difference after the work out.  I could tell that they provided another level of working out my leg and arm muscles.

And I wore my waist trimmer belt and YES my belly area sweated a bunch!!  The cool thing is that during the exercise I was unaware of it.  The belt felt very comfortable…did not constrict…in fact I think it helped me keep the right posture during my yoga exercises.  When I took it off my waist was drenched.  I thankfully followed advice that I read online and wore it under my clothes so that my worked out clothes didn’t get completely drenched in that area.   I am really excited about this thing and hope to see results that I read about others getting!!  And to think – it only cost $5!!!!  What a deal!!!


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