Weigh In Monday

Hey guys!  How was your weekend?  Were you really good and stayed on your diet…or were you like me and had fun eating and are ready now to get back on course :-) 

Don’t forget to weigh in and get your measurements.  I am happy to say I had a good week last week and lost 3 pounds!!  My first loss in a few weeks!!  So I am pretty happy!

I have gotten pretty consistent in my exercise routine!  In fact I am fixing to purchase a set of ankle/wrist weights.  Target has a set of 2 (either in 2 lb or 3 lb) for $9.99.  I think I am going to go ahead and pick up two sets – one 2 lb and one 3 lb.  These will work very well with the Wii fit (just don’t weigh yourself with them on – HA!) because they velcro around your wrists and ankles so you can still hold the remote!  This will just step up the exercise a bit…especially the yoga and strength training!  I really am seeing results from the exercising!  And when you can see results it sure helps to motivate you to keep going doesn’t it?!?!

I am praying for all of you in this group…that you will have a successful week this week in your journey for a healthier lifestyle!

Have a great week!  I am hoping to converse with you a bit more this week :-)


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