Recipes and Recipe Book Deal

Hey guys!  Just thought I would let you know that I have published a few recipes on my recipe blog.  (my baby is sick tonight so the grandparents took the boys to church and I have a nice quiet house.  I am able to get caught up on some things!)

Anyways…most of them are Hungry Girl recipes!  Speaking of Hungry Girl…have you heard about her new book that is set to hit the book stands on March 30th!!  It has a bunch of new recipes in it!  I can’t wait!  In fact I pre-ordered my copy, and so can you.  Click the image below to go to the pre-order page on her website.  You can pre-order it for 50% of the retail price of the book!!  You can’t beat that!!!   I can’t wait until mine gets here.  It has a whole section devoted to crock pot recipes!!!


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